Have you ever faced an impossible situation and wondered how in the world it could become a miracle?  Are you ready to put out fires in your life, while keeping the fire in your belly burning? Do you need new choices to propel your teams leadership in an ever changing world?  If you anwered “yes” to any of these questions, you are with the right speaker.

Sherrie knows a lot about overcoming, she was the first woman firefighter paramedic in the Dallas Fire Rescue Department. She is an expert in Health, Safety and Leadership education and the Founder of Emergency Management Resources in Dallas, Texas. Sherrie has served as leadership in the American Heart Association for 36 years now rolling out cardiac programs in the US, Mexico, India and Russia.  Sherrie manages an instructor network of nearly 600 instructors and she writes curriculm for Texas A&M, Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) and teaches a Certified Safety Officer (CSHO) program.

When Sherrie is not out speaking, writing or teaching you can find her chasing her five grandbabies.  If you are ready for “Sparks to Fly” in your own organization, make the call and book Sherrie C. Wilson.