Leadership & Team Dynamics

Leading others can be challenging. A person can either rise to the height of their abilities or succumb to their own worst instincts. Courageous leadership covers the distinctions of powerful leaders.

  • Turning negative conversations into possibility.
  • Trigger critical thinking skills in others.
  • Learn the 8 steps to great team dynamics.

Women Empowerment


How to Survive Life As a Woman in A Man’s World

We’re all searching for a healthy balance between our personal and professional lives. There has to be a way! So how can you make unique contributions to others without being drained at the end of the day?

  • Succeeding in a male dominated field
  • Becoming a great team player
  • Turning limiting beliefs into gold
  • Controlling Arson of Mind – Emotional Charge

Gut it up Girl – Faith on Fire

Gut it up Girl – Guard your mind, change your world

Gut it up Girl – Staying sane during change

Faith-Based Organizations


The First Ingredient of A Miracle is An Impossible Situation

Do you need a fresh start at facing the impossible situations in life? The greatest blessings are found within the darkest hours. This one-of-a-kind presentation will touch your faith, your belief and your thoughts on how amazing God is and how he transforms us by renewing our minds.

  • The first ingredient of a miracle is the impossible
  • The greatest blessings sometime come in the darkest hour
  • Lesson on Love

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