Courageous Leadership, Distinctions of Powerful Leaders

Half Day Program

Leading others can be challenging. A person can either rise to the height of their abilities or succumb to their own worst instincts. Courageous leadership covers the distinctions of powerful leaders.

This 4-hour program covers a dozen steps to becoming the leader of the future while being insightful, thoughtful and powerful. Learn to turn negative conversations into discussions that highlight possibility. Help to foster critical thinking skills in others. It’s thought provoking, direct and helps leaders to look inside themselves and consider carefully how they think and treat others.  You will also learn the 8 Steps to High Performance Team Dynamics.

Target Audience – Leadership at every level

Full Day Program

Transformational leadership is the art of inspiring change in others; this level of leadership requires an attitude of responsibility and genuine caring that others experience when with you.  People will aspire to be on your team and will thrive as a part of it.  This program delves into communications and how to foster the transformation of limiting beliefs in others. It’s a deep dive into what makes for a powerful leader and will help you transform how your team thinks and acts.  This 8-hour program covers numerous steps to becoming a powerful leader of the future and will place you on the cutting edge of transformational leadership.

Target Audience – Leadership at every level

Gut It Up Girl™, Empowering Women to Succeed

Half Day Program

We’re all searching for a healthy balance between our personal and professional lives. There has to be a way! So how can you make unique contributions to others without being drained at the end of the day?  In this program, I will teach you how to succeed in male dominated fields and become a great team player even if it feels like your teammates are playing keep away.  Learn how your own thinking can transform your limiting beliefs into gold.  Learn to control the arson in your mind and knock down the fires of life with raging confidence.

Target Audience – Women

Full Day Program

As a leader, it feels like you need to do the impossible! When you learn to lead and empower others with enthusiasm, joy and confidence, it is a powerful way to live. You will gain appreciation for the unique contributions you make to others, even when others fail to recognize it or simply don’t believe in you.  This program peeks into leadership from a woman’s perspective and shares ideas and thoughts that transform life’s difficult situations into amazing miracles.

Target Audience – Women in Leadership

Faith on Fire

Half Day Program

Do you need a fresh start at facing the impossible situations in life? The greatest blessings are found within the darkest hours. This one-of-a-kind presentation will touch your faith, your belief and your thoughts on how amazing God is and how he transforms us by renewing our minds.  You have been called to deliver a unique message in life that anything is possible.  This direct and thought provoking way of looking at faith and applying the real meaning of Christianity is respectful, timely and makes room for the love of Christ to shine though in all that you do.

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