“What Sherrie brings to light is the fact that we ALL face fear, danger and hesitation in our hearts and souls at times, but she shows how the first ingredient of a miracle really is the impossible. Learn how to take your thoughts, your fears and you impossibles and turn them into miracles through determination, perseverance and that winners attitude of… Faith on Fire.”

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The First Ingredient of A Miracle is An Impossible Situation

by Sherrie C. Wilson

Sizing up a fire, not knowing what awaits is a challenge for the best of the best. Canisters of explosives or toxic chemical lurking in a Hellish environment are an impossible situation for most people. Searching a smoke filled home in the middle of the night for mothers, fathers and children will stop most in their tracks.

Firefighters are trained to quickly assess the situation and to act immediately with no time to second guess decisions. But, there is an additional element that transcends all training, all emotional and psychological preparedness, all human knowledge about danger and fear, it’s that “Faith on Fire” winners attitude.

Sherrie is a nearly 35-year veteran firefighter paramedic with the Dallas Fire Rescue Department, allows you to enter the world unknown to most in her book “Faith on Fire.”